Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Too Passionate?

Is there a point when you have too much passion? I was wondering this while thinking about what my next step would be. Is it possible to go over board? Can your passion control your life? Should it control your life? Is there a point when it is to much?

These are all questions that are running through my head while thinking about finding a passion and after looking on line I found that a lot of people have the same concern.

I think the difference is that some people become obsessed with things in their life and this should not be confused with passion. Obsession is when a person becomes fixated on something or someone or even a belief or idea. This is usually not a good thing. There is a disorder called OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder. Usually what happens when someone has this is that they are doing a specific thing over and over again because of maybe a traumatic event that occurred and it caused them distress. The repeating nature of doing this what ever it may be like cleaning your house twice or three times a day, also becomes a distress on the person. Another thing is people usually don't want to keep doing what they are doing but feel they have to or can't stop themselves.

This should never be confused with passion, because like I have mentioned in earlier posts passion is something that makes you wake up in the morning and gives you the feeling of accomplishment and self worth even. Obsessions do the opposite. So if you feel like your passion is becoming an obsession take a step back and make sure you are still enjoying what you are doing.

Here is fun thing to check out a list of celebrities that have OCD

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